What If Everyday of the Week Were a Person……


Monday:  Monday is like the grumpy old man down the  street, or the annoying neighbor that complains about everything. You really just wish that he didn’t exist, although you know that at some point anyone can turn into a Monday. Nobody really likes Monday, but they never do anything about him; mainly because they simply can’t.

Tuesday: Tuesday is a more welcome person than Monday, but still nobody enjoys his presence that much. He’s the cousin you get forced to go to the movies with; it’s not bad, but it’s definitely not good either. Tuesday is a little annoying, a little crazy but still manageable. He isn’t as dislikeable as Monday, but he isn’t eagerly anticipated.

Wednesday: Wednesday is like that friend that you never really see, but you never really miss either. You wouldn’t celebrate a Christmas party  or a big barbecue without him, but you never spend time with him one on one. That doesn’t bother you too much, but you rarely even think about that friend when he’s not around. He’s just another person on your email invitation list.

Thursday:  Thursday is like the-almost-weekend-but-not-just-yet day. I’d say Thursday is like your old best friend from high school ; your reunions are somewhat infrequent but you look forward to them. Sometimes the excitement of getting together, is better the food that you might eat at lunch.

Friday: Everyone loves Fridays; they are like the life of the party, the cream of the crop. Exciting, uplifting and most of all fun, Fridays seem to never be on time, or come around often enough. They’re like the friend you go to crazy parties with, or out clubbing; you don’t see them much in real life, but your nights out on the town are always a blast. Friday is the type of person that everyone wants to be, they’re effortless and fun.

Saturdays: Saturdays are like your best friend who is normal during the day, yet crazy at night. You’ve known each other for so long that when you two are alone, there are  tons of inside jokes, memorable moments and, most importantly, an unbreakable bond. You will always look forward to hanging out with a Saturday, because no matter what you two do, you will always have a good time. Saturdays are flamboyant and daring people; everyone wants to be their friend and they’re friends with everyone.

Sundays:  Sundays are the most relaxed person of all.You would want to see a Sunday when you don’t want to do much, maybe just watch a movie or go on a walk. Your program with a Sunday is never packed and no matter what activity you do, it will be laid back. Sundays are simple, humble and don’t need much to entertain them as they are comfortable in their own company.



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